Projects and Investments

The IEU is currently developing three PV panels manufacturing plants in Turkey and two countries in the MENA region with a total capacity of 300 MW per year. The panels produced by the three facilities will be used in construction of thirty solar PV power plants with a total capacity of 3,000 MW up to 2030 in both countries. This size of production capacity requires a total investment of 5.44 Billion US$.

The PV technology adopted by the IEU has the highest efficiency and lifetime especially under harsh environmental conditions in hot deserts.


Solar power generation by PV systems becomes increasingly competitive without subsidies due to low production costs Strong growth is expected on a worldwide scale, with unprecedented targets in bothdeveloped and underdeveloped countries. The global installed PV-capacity is forecasted to increase from 139 GW to 375 GW by 2018, which makes solar energy is the backbone of future global energy supply. The world PV energy capacity growth targets require immediate investment in local manufacturing and development of cutting edge technologies to be efficiently and safely deployed and operated as soon as possible. As , the proof today, the production capacity of solar PV modules worldwide is too far below the required production capabilities to meet the planned targets on both short and midterms, especially in emerging and developing countries. 


The IEU has secured funds and adoption of cutting edge PV manufacturing technologies as one of the immediate investment opportunities to setup PV manufacturing facilities to ensure that sufficient and timely PV capacity is brought online consistent with annual targets in countries and regions of interest.

The IEU is currently developing two PV modules manufacturing facilities with 150 MW capacity each in both Qatar and Turkey. This size of production requires a capital outlay of 170 Million Euros for each factory. 

Each Project shall comprise the following production facilities, with indoor and outdoor spaces of 40,000 m2: 

  •  Automated production lines for the innovative PV panels with 150 MW capacity 
  •  Manufacturing and assembly halls equipped with mechanical and electrical workshops 
  •  space for R&D, engineering design and optimization of PV systems, 
  •  Outdoor technology testing, where PV modules can be tested under real conditions 
  •  Training and technology transfer center for installation and commissioning of PV systems 

IEU has access to funding through the mother holding company CPI Group whereby CPI Group is able to generate sufficient capital to through its strong financial position and business records with banks, investors and financing institutes. The Business Model for PV manufacturing facilities dictates a minimum capacity of PV power plants to be installed in each country on a size of 450 MW within the first five years. 



Projects in Turkey: The IEU is currently establishing a joint venture with a leading Turkish company for developing five solar PV power plants with a total capacity of 750 MW over up to 2023. The total investment of these power plants requires a capital outlay of 820 Million Euros. 

Projects in Qatar: The IEU is also establishing a joint venture with a Qatari partner for developing three solar PV power plants with a total capacity of 450 MW in the first stage over up to 2020. The total investment of these power plants requires a capital outlay of 500 Million Euros.


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