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At the CPI International Group Switzerland, we are conducting business in four main areas, renewable energy, healthcare, software development and education where we are operating in 19 countries on four continents. The company managed via regional managers who report to the CPI headquarters in Switzerland. The four wealthy business sectors require a reliable international network of agents, distributors, strategic partners and investors. This process involves many factors that make the process rather complex and undefined, however, challenging and enjoyable. Diversity, cultural conflict, economic, political, globalisation, business setup; all are factors that bring many challenges to the process and offer great opportunities for value creation.

The conventional wisdom of management focuses on offering participants, and members of the learning set (the management team) a type of blueprint master plan on how to manage, how to act and how to follow a structured mostly rigid process to achieve objectives. CPI International Group is an ideal example to illustrate how traditional management theories are not capable of helping business to achieve objectives or to create value in the multicultural environment. At the CPI Group, the management approach of is mostly based on the principles of the blue ocean strategy of (Kim and Mauborgne 2005) and the ALSKLS (Action learning - Structured Knowledge - Lead Strategy) approach developed inside the CPI. This strategic approach can be defined as a new mental setup that requires the creation of learning set not only in every department or operation but also for every situation and challenge.This unique strategic approach created within the CPI group is the main factor behind growing the business from a small pharmaceutical company attached to an advanced corporate centre in 2000 to an international group hosting seven companies with business forecast to be worth nearly two billion Swiss francs in 2016.

The process is fully customised and completely flexible. Members of the learnings set (the management team ) gather to analyse critical situations, ask fundamental questions and formulate argumentations to reach a unique methodology, action or strategic approach required for every and each situation and decision. It is our argument that the great results achieved within the CPI during the last decade were mainly based on a business model that neither easy to define nor easier to copy or imitate. The model depends on the abilities and performance of the people involved and their wide variety of intensive skills in practicing critical action learning, critical reflection, business case development and applications. Due to our multicultural setting we are able to create diversified, innovative and sustainable value.

At CPI International Group Switzerland, we have no respect for the statuesque and we work hard to change the world to become a better place. Our investors being our firstpriority, we are working hard to satisfy our business objectives; however, we believe that our mission is to improve the quality of human life on earth.


  Dr. Hossam ElShazly,
President & CEO  


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